Article : Know the Side Effects of Black Magic and tips to prevent these negative effects

Individuals often make a general inquiry to Baba that what might be the reactions or negative outcomes by Black magic and other Spell castings. So I am composing this post for the benefit of Baba, to answer your this inquiry that what negative outcomes or side effects one can look by a black magic and other similar spells, and how one prevent these negative outcomes and side effects and satisfy his/her want utilizing black magic spells with no mischief or reactions.

This is a genuine truth that Black magic has its upsides and downsides both, and it might likewise damage and show reactions to you with the advantages. But it always relies upon many elements. A Black magic spell casting never give negative outcomes & side effects, if done in proper way with legitimate strategies.

There may be a few reasons which can cause to unsafe reactions or inverse after effects of using magic spells to fulfilling any of your desire. I am endeavoring to clarify some of these here :

Picking Wrong Method / Strategy:

Since there are more than 200 sorts of  Black Magic and other spell castings, and in each sort needs extraordinary determined technique to perform it. As each individual has distinctive name, diverse identity, contrast planetary positions, diverse circumstance and case and diverse motivation & purpose behind using Black Magic Spell casting.

So the  strategy and  kind of Black Magic spells also should be unique and customized for each situation, for each individual. Nowhere on web, you will  find explanations about each methods, its features and cautions. When you will start searching spells or mantra for your desires on web, you may find 1 or 2 basic spells, and you just start chanting them, but it is not good. Using any black magic spell without complete knowledge and expertise may sure harm your with adverse effects.


Choosing Wrong Person:

Today thousands of people on the web, claiming that they are expert, master and gold medalist in Black magic, spell castings etc, and can provide guaranteed results within some hours. But these all are always not genuine, and most of these are Novice, who know nothing about depth of black magic spells. And here,  you can make another mistake to choose a wrong person to hand over such a delicate assignment. Black magic powers are not a joke, or fun. So take care when choosing the spell caster.


Some quick tips to prevent Side Effects or Negative Results of Black Magic spells: 

  1. Always choose a genuine and old spell caster. An Experienced Spell caster is always constantly comfortable with all sort of significant spell castings and black magic rituals, and can deal with the circumstance if there is any issue in the task. So you will be sheltered from all sort of Negative impacts.
  2. Black magic spells or these sort of ceremonies are not for Do It Yourself, so never attempt these at home, or without anyone else on the off chance that you haven’t any understanding or Sidhis in Black Magic and other sort of magics and spells.


  1. Never bargain with quality and immaculateness of materials which are utilized as a part of Black magic and spell castings for cost cutting. Less expensive process may sounds great, yet recollect dependably, a casting done by an Expert and experienced individual, utilizing great quality and unadulterated materials can never hurt you, and will give you wanted outcomes sooner and in appropriate way.


  1. If your spell caster suggest you any kind of instructions to follow during the ritual, must follow carefully and with full of concentrate. Because mistakes in following suggested instructions may go negative in some cases, or may decrease chances of success rate of your task.


  1. To achieve your goals using any kind of black magic or spell casting, faith is must, so never lose your faith from the casting. otherwise you may decrease the chances of success.


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